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Bali Attractions and places of interest

Bali is truly one of the most unique places on Earth. Bali culture is a mix of Hinduism, Buddhism and animism (belief in spirits). Bali has many historical sites, iconic landmarks and picturesque landscapes. Even a month will not be enough to visit all places of interest in Bali.
While south Bali is a Mecca for surfers, shopaholics, nightclubbers, north Bali is still considered a traditional, "pure" Bali.
Vacation in north Bali provides you a rare opportunity to see a traditional Bali culture, enjoy tranquility, visit waterfalls, enjoy snorkeling and diving.


For Bondalem Beach Club guests we prepared the most detailed exclusive catalog of Bali attractions and developed several recommended excursion routes. Download it and plan your amazing Bali vacation. Make your own list of must-visit places in Bali and we will help you to plan your excursions and make your Bali vacation unforgettable. 

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