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Iyengar yoga seminar with

Anna Samarova & Olga Ilinskaya

Dates: postponed till spring 2021

Languages: Russian/English


Yoga teachers: 

Anna Samarova - Iyengar has been practicing yoga since 2005, she has been teaching since 2009, Junior Intermediate 3 Certificate


Olga Ilyinskaya - Iyengar has been practicing yoga since 1990, she has been teaching since 1994, Certificates of a teacher of yoga at the RIMYI Institute, Pune, India: Introductory 2 (1996), Junior Int. 1 (1999), Junior Int. 2 (2000 g), Junior Int. 3 (2001), Senior Int. 1 (2004), Senior Int. 2 (2007), Senior Int. 3 (2016)


The seminar will be held from ________________, one of the days will be a weekend with an excursion to waterfalls.

On the remaining days - the practice of asanas and pranayama in the morning and evening for about 2.5 hours.

A joint practice is also possible on the day of departure.

On __________, you can go back to the airport or stay for a few more days to relax at the hotel, or go on a trip around the island.



Shared accommodation in double rooms + breakfast -12 days - from 486 USD

Single occupancy + breakfast -12 days- from 972 USD

Iyengar yoga workshop price 400 USD

If you wish, you can take with you loved ones who will not be engaged. For them, the contribution is $ 50.

Flights, transfers are not included.


If you choose a flight arriving in Bali in the morning, the transfer can be combined with a visit to the hot springs of Batur volcano.

The price for an individual transfer is $ 70 (per car).

The cost of a group transfer will be shared between the participants.


Helpful information:

Please make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months (180 days) from the date of return flight from Bali, otherwise you will not be put on a plane or allowed to go to Bali.

Looking forward to meeting you in our north Bali vacation paradise.

Booking inquiries:

Max  WhatsApp

Anna WhatsApp

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