Diving and snorkeling


Diving in Bali offers variable places for a drift dive, dive to the wrecks, to underwater rocks and of course diving for underwater photography enthusiasts.
Bali has everything you need for a good diving: the ideal water temperature, excellent visibility, numerous coral reefs, a variety of tropical fish (mola-mola, angel fish, napoleon, barracuda, crocodile fish and many others), the giant turtles, rays (manta rays, spotted rays), sharks (hammerheads, reef, whale), and sunken ships.

We organize diving in Bondalem spots as well as trips to Tulamben shipwreck site (40 minutes by car), Amed (1 hour by car), Menjangan island (2 1/2 hours by car), and assist you in getting further - to Gili Islands, Flores, Komodo, Papua. 

Bondalem offers a lush, quiet environment under water, a fast growing coral reef and infinite varieties of fish. Place is perfect for snorkeling and diving. Bondalem has dive sites to suite all skills levels - from beginner to advanced - and boasts enough fascinating marine life for several dives.
Snorkeling equipment is available in Bondalem Beach Club for free.

Gumi Cenik dive site:

  • depth 4 - 30 meters
  • colorful soft corals in the shallows, excellent visibility during the dry season, coral bommies
  • lionfish, schooling bannerfish, snapper, fusiliers, antheas, batfish, clownfish, cuttlefish, striped catfish, blue ringed anglefish, black spotted putterfish, porcupine putterfish, lobsters, blue spotted stingrays, banded coral shrimp
  • wide-angle and macro-photography


Tukad Pengilangan dive site:

  • depth 6 - 40 meters
  • clown fish, blue spotted stingrays, boxfish, cuttlefish, schooling snapper, hingeback shrimps, nudibranchs, razorfish
  • great for macro-photography


Abyan Mang dive site:

  • deapth 7 - 20 meters- sandy bottom
  • "abyang mang" in balinese language means "garden of eels"
  • colourful ribbon eels, clams, razorfish, firefish, flounder, lionfish, scorpionfish, black spotted putterfish, seasnakes, blue spotted stingray
  • excellent for macro-photography


Segara Bingin dive site:

  • depth 4 - 30 meters
  • excellent coral cover, abundant fish life
  • schooling tangs, snappers, fusiliers, moray eels, pipefish, nudibranchs, razorfish, lionfish, scorpionfish, trumpetfish
  • wide-angle and macro-photography


PS: please do not walk over coral fields during low tide as it makes harm to underwater world as well as can lead to unpleasant injuries.

For scuba diving we recommend to use professional services of dive clubs:
Bondalem Dive Center DiveBondalem 
Dive Center located in Candidasa & Tulamben  - Bali Divers